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Help your business become more efficient and worry free!

Cheersfood, a cloud-based online ordering system, is the software you need for your restaurant. It makes life easier for you as the owner, your staff, and the customers. As an owner, you will be able to control everything in the palm of your hands. You will be able to oversee everything that happens, from customers ordering to setting up promo codes to seeing how well your business did that day such as sales reports and more. This online ordering system is super user friendly. They can order as guests or be able to create their own account to become a regular customer. By using the terminal, tablet, or windows computer, there are a wide variety of ways to receive an order which is nice because it gives you multiple options. What is awesome is that our devices can be linked to the receipt and kitchen printers so you don’t waste time carrying the ticket back and forth to the kitchen. Another thing is as soon as the customer places an order, the staff will receive it and be able to update the status. Customers will be able to check their order status by logging in to their account or receiving text messages or emails. Help your business become more efficient and worry free.


Email: info@cheersfood.com